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s fellow-beings or● shuns them like dogs.Society is h▓oney-combed with sects and c▓reeds and castes.Every man wea●rs some visible symbol o

f his religion, a●nd before all else he scrutinizes the sign of ca▓ste of any stranger with who▓m he comes in contact.No secondary matter▓, nor something to be aired once a week, is ●a man’s religion in the East.It ▓stalks at his heels as relentles▓sly as his shadow at noonday. “I suppos●e,” I was saying, soon after th●e son of the innkeeper had broached this unavoid▓able topic, “I suppose that, as● you have been educated in a Protestant schoo▓l, you are a Christian” The youth eyed me● for a moment with noncommittal gravity. “M●ay I know,” he asked in reply—to change the ●subject, I fancied—“whethe●r you are a missionary” “On the contra●ry,” I proteste

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d, “I am a sail▓or.” “Because,” he wen▓t on, “one must know to whom ●one speaks.I am a Christian● always—when I am in school or talking to● missionaries. “There are many religions● in the world, and surely that of th●e white man is a good religion.We l▓earn much more that is useful in● the schools of the Christians than● in our own.But, my friend,” he leaned f●orward with the earnestness of one▓ who is about to disclose a great secret, 266“▓there is but one true religion.He who is seeki●ng the true religion—if you● are seeking the true religio●n, you

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